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Team 2 Anglo Saxon Trip

Updated: 5 minutes ago

Team 2 had a fantastic day at Escot today in their Wildwood Park! We visited an Anglo-Saxon village as part of our Invaders History topic and learnt a lot about what life was like during this time.

We first went through the maze at the beginning of the day to test out our survival instincts! We all made it to the middle (with some help from our Anglo-Saxons guides!) and then went to explore the village.

We milled our own grain into flour and used this to create our own bread! We decorated it using some Anglo-Saxon inspired stamps and then added some wild garlic for flavour. We cooked this in the oven and it was delicious!

We also used our blacksmith skills to create a metal brooch - using the fire to heat the metal up so it could be shaped - this was so fun and the end result is fabulous.

We also helped in the woodshed with some whittling and carving - we carved our own school sign (using Anglo Saxon runes of course!) and helped to whittle a club. This was a great way for us to experience how the Anglo-Saxons would create different things out of wood.

When we took a walk outside of the village we saw some incredible animals at the park (including bears, wildcats, wolves, wild boars and artic foxes!). We also spent some time foraging for plants we could eat including nettles and sorrel - but remember, we only forage for plants with an adult and in area we know it is safe to do so!.

All in all, we had a fantastic Anglo-Saxon day and we can't thank the Anglo-Saxon helpers enough who helped make our day so fun and engaging! Take a look at our photos from the day below:

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